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Stroud Trust: Offering a new future for the Stroud Subscription Rooms

With its position at the heart of the town, the Subscription Rooms and its public square has been a valued asset for Stroud since it opened in 1834. We believe there is now a fantastic opportunity to transform the building into a venue which will serve the Stroud district long into the future.

More than just an architectural centrepiece, Stroud Trust’s vision for the Sub Rooms creates a dynamic arts, culture and leisure offering that will have a positive economic impact well beyond Stroud town centre.

Not only will we secure the Sub Rooms as a publicly-owned and community-led resource, by operating as a not-for-profit organisation we can actually ease the financial burden on local government. Stroud Town Council are supporting our bid by offering to lease the building on a minimal ‘peppercorn’ rent and so enabling the Sub Rooms to become self-sustaining.

The Trust will also ensure that the building remains in public ownership. By attracting high quality events and running an expanded cafe and bar we can increase incomes on a model which is sustainable well into the future. There are many examples in other parts of the country of similar venues which actually feed money back into local finances.

The Stroud Trust has been set up in partnership with the town council to provide a strategic approach which looks beyond the Sub Rooms and a project is already underway exploring the future of the Lido.

To read the Trust's full business plan, use the links below.

The Subscription Rooms - Business Plan 2018-2023

The Subscription Rooms - Bid Response

Appendix 1 - Further Links to Strategies and Local Priorities

Appendix 2 - Sub Rooms 5-Year Financial Model

Appendix 3 - Schedule of Safety and Inspection Certificates

Appendix 4 - Structural Survey Report August 2017

Appendix 5 - Risk Register

Appendix 7 - Project Timeline 2017-2019

(Appendix 6 containing the Stroud Trust members' CVs was submitted to Stroud District Council in support of the bid. We are not publishing it here to protect the trustees' personal information. Pen portraits of their relevant experience are included in the business plan on pages 22-23.)